Question: Are contestants required to learn information from younger grades?
Answer: No. Contestants only need to know the information allocated to their grade.

Question: Do contestants need to know all the information for the last test?
Answer: No. There are three tests throughout the learning period. Each test covers the information learned in the few weeks leading up to that test. However, contestants that qualify to go on stage in the school championships or the international championship will be asked questions from all the information.

Question: Where do contestants learn the information?
Answer: It depends on your local Hebrew School. Some schools are giving 35-45 minutes of classes per week, which should cover all the material. Other schools are giving 10-15 minutes of classes per week, and contestants should cover the rest of the information at home. And some schools won’t be giving any classes, and contestants should learn the entire body of the the material at home. In general, even if your Hebrew School is giving a lot of classes per week, it is a good idea to study a bit more at home to make sure you know the information well.

Question: What age is JewQ geared for?
Answer: Participants must be in Grades 3-6 to be part of JewQ.