Starred Items

Classroom Cabinets 
These built-in wall cabinets are much needed storage to help keep things organized when turning over the sanctuary into a classroom every Sunday.

12 Ft Menorah
A large Menorah to be prominently displayed to help bring awareness of Chanukah to the community and increase Jewish pride.

Sign on Markham Woods Road 
Having a nice sign would be most welcoming in addition to making the Shul visible and easy to find. (We got a few price quotes for various signs. Please contact for more information).

Shavuot Booklets 
10 commandments to follow along with the Torah reading presented in an educational and engaging way, for children and adults alike.

Classroom Renovations $50,000 
An extra classroom would allow us to grow our Sunday school and to help with much needed storage.

New Shluchim 
The next big step forward for our community would be to hire a new couple to join Chanshy and Rabbi. The new Shluchim would be charged specifically to focus on teen programs, a day camp in the summer, toddler programs as well as expanding our Shabbos kids program and Hebrew School. The cost is the estimate for the first year's salary plus the cost to move them to town. We would need to consider a plan for the years to come as well. Our goal is that the above mentioned programs will eventually generate additional income for our community and this position should become self sustaining.

If we are unable to have a new couple join our staff permanently, it would be wonderful to have Chabad interns join our community to help expand our activities. It is common in many Chabad centers to have interns help out with various activities. Our community would be responsible for their room and board as well as a nominal monthly stipend. The interns would primarily help grow our Sunday school and teen programs.

Added Acre
Boruch Hashem Nate’s Shul is already too small for many of our larger community events. As the community continues to grow we will G‑d willing continue to expand in the future. In order to avoid being land locked this extra acre land purchase will be an investment and preparation for the future.

JText for Teens  
We are looking to purchase a service for our communities teens where they are engaged in Jewish learning via 2 text messages a week and are rewarded for their involvement. 


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