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    What does Membership look like at an organization where people belong but there are no Membership dues?

    Now you’re wondering what I’m talking about, so  I’ll tell you:


    Why? Because every Jew is a member at Chabad!
    Don’t believe me? Try walking into any Chabad center and you’ll be welcomed and embraced just like any involved member of the community. No one is ever turned away; no one ever feels less important because of lack of funds, lack of Jewish knowledge or their level of observance.
    When we are asked "how many members do you have?" our answer always is "however many Jews there are in town".


    Thank G-d, each year Chabad continues to grow and so does our budget.
    We pride ourselves in being very careful with our funds, stretching every dollar to the fullest; and No, we do not receive monetary support from Chabad headquarters!


    Support for Chabad’s work comes from voluntary gifts rather than mandatory dues. Our work is supported by dedicated, generous friends in the community who believe in our vision and want to partner in our mission to make Judaism accessible and relevant to all. These caring people join our voluntary structure of philanthropic giving in one of 3 tiers.

    Monthly gifts of $18 - $149
    The Hebrew word Chai means life and has the numerical value of 18. Individuals join The Chai Club by making monthly contributions in increments of Chai = $18, $36, $54, $72, $90, $108, $126, $144. Chose a number you are comfortable with and support and grow our community.

    Annual gifts of $1800 - $4999
    Join the Chai Pillars of our community by making a monthly gift of $150 and up or by giving $1800 or more during the year.

    Annual gifts of $5000 and above
    Partner with us in our communal work by making a philanthropic gift of $5000 or more annually. You may decrease or increase the amount at any time.

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    Chai Partners

    Sheldon & Joanne Aboff
    Akiva Anderson
    Dr. David & Dr. Maria Bajayo
    Clifford & Mandy Barfield
    Corinne Brunschwig
    Dr. Stephen & Susan Dobkin
    Ken Feldman
    Dr. Moshe & Sharon Fraifeld

    Dr. Jay & Susan Gewolb
    Dr. Daniel & Bettina Haim
    David & Harriet Moldau
    Avron & Sandra Satill
    Gracia Smith
    Rabbi Robert & Lauren Thomas
    Meir & Shawna Waizman
    Farzin & Azita Yashar

    Chai Pillars

    Dr. David & Julie Auerbach
    Steve Cohen
    Mel Berger & Ruth Darvin
    Ronnie & Deborah Bitman
    David & Miri Brent
    Keith & Lisa Eichenblatt
    Arnie & Happy Frank
    Russel & Lisa Goldberg
    Richard Goldstein
    Doron & Linda Gorshein
    Dr. Glenn & Sigal Harris
    Mike & Sheryl Hotchkiss
    Dr. Alex & Natalya Khromov
    Dr. Izak & Laurie Kielmovitch
    Shlomo & Channy Krudo
    Dr. Daniel & Staci Layish
    Jerry & Susan Lewin
    Yanky & Rochel Lipskier

    Frederick & Jill Meltzer
    David Meltzer
    Casey Fernandez & Amanda Miller
    Cynthia Otazu
    Leora Poplawsky
    Avi & Cheryl Roitman
    Jerry & Susan Roth
    Keila Servia
    Freddy & Bethann Schulman
    Jon & Marylou Klien & Harold Schwartz
    David & Dr. Stefanie Shames
    Dr. Marc & Nancy Sharfman
    Dr. Nathalie Shoer
    Dr. Craig & Virginia Silberstein
    Dr. Jonathan Simon
    Hal & Janice Simonds
    Wanda Stanek
    Louis Supowitz

    Chai Club

    Tracey Albert 
    Gary & Betsy Appelsies 
    Max & Svetlana Belkin 
    Sharon Berger 
    David Bloomberg 
    Elyse Cagan 
    Dorothy Danzy 
    Yira De Freitas 
    Jane Edelstein 
    Cyndie Elman 
    Jason & Dalia Fox 
    Paul & Penney Friedrich 
    Jose & Esperanza Fuentes 
    Jason & Rachel Gledhill 
    Dr. Jay & Jill Gold 
    Andrew Goodman & Grace Mazanek
    Dr. Ira & Rita Goodman 
    Richard & Marci Gottfried 
    Steven & Cathy Halpren 
    Carole Heller 
    Alan & Janet Hoffberg 
    Patricia Jaroszs

    James Johnson & Carol Levine
    Philip & Rosanne Karr
    Andre Klass
    Timothy & Sharon Kocken
    Jerry & June Kurland
    Max & Lauren Kusner

    Yerach & Rivkah Lazarovitz
    Dr. Lester & Gloria Levine
    Rabbi Berel & Chani Majesky
    Greg & Ruth Marchwinski
    Garey & Michele Merritt
    Rabbi Shneur & Chaya Munitz
    Diane Overcash
    Rob & Kerry Palmer
    Carl & Pam Phillips
    Dennis & Hildy Piet
    Terri Pinchevsky
    Michael & Adrienne Raskin
    Shua & Zeldi Raskin
    Joel Reuben
    Dr. Robert & Sheri Rosenberg

    Irving Rosenblum
    Dr. Richard & Joanne Sag
    Brad & Roberta Satill
    Frances Secrest
    Sonia Semel
    Shluchim Services
    Cary Siegel
    Joan Siegel
    Steven Hall & Barbara Simons
    Chaya Staub-Krell
    Kurt & Amy Sterling
    Joel & Edna Stern
    Robert Drazen & Janeen Stern
    Rabbi Boruch & Chaya Susman
    Sandra Travis
    Isaac & Susan Vacnin
    Kent & Janet Wenger
    Eric & Amy Wolkoff
    Abbie Young
    Lou Ziemba & Beth Landa
    David & Ariella Zion

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