Donated Items

Building Items

Baby changing table - Sponsored by Pat Jarosz in memory of her father Ben Jarosz
Enclosed Notice Board - Sponsored by Joy Stricker
New Windows - Sponsored by the Block Family
Beautiful Tzedkah Box for Shul lobby- Sponsored by Pat Jarosz
Laptop by Paul & Lena Prindle in memory of Brandon Thai
Kiddush Plaque Board - sponsored by Harold Schwartz and Jon & Marylou Klein 
Parking lot lighting -  Sponsored Anonymously 
Updated Laptop - Sponsored Anonymously
12 Ft Menorah Display - Donated by Hudson McCracken in honor of his father James Robin McCracken

Religious Items

Shabbat Song Books - Sponsored by Steve Eichenblatt
Customized Kippahs with logo 100 - Sponsored by Eric & Amy Wolkoff 
Shavuos Booklet sponsored by Dr. Bruce & Debra Hoffen 
Shabbos Table Companions Sponsored by David Meltzer in honor of Dr. Harry Rein 

Hebrew School Items

Kids Siddurim Prayer Books - Sponsored by Joy Stricker
Kids Tzitzit - Sponsored by Joy Stricker
iPads (2)- Sponsored by: Pat Jarosz, Lisa Fishman, Robert & Tobi Granger, Richard Goldstein, Dean & Nancy Faracchio, Ross & Robin Katzman

Events and Programming

Desktop Computer - Sponsored by Richard Taller
Coffee Maker Keurig (K140) - Sponsored by Pat Jarosz
Scanner - Sponsored
China for Community Shabbat Dinners - Sponsored by Joy Stricker
Tablecloths for Community Shabbat Dinners - Sponsored by Nissim & Esther Heletz
Kitchen Utensils - Sponsored Anonymously
Office Printer - Sponsored by Pat jarosz
Large TV Sponsored by Anonymous
AV cart - Sponsored by Ronn Redd
Camera - Sponsored Anonymously

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