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$25,000 Torah Dedication  Reserved
by Zvi & Dawn Chamu in memory of Zila Chamu and by Paul Sebag in memory of Andre Joseph Sebag
Endow a portion Quantity Sponsor an item
 $18 Letter $1,000 Yad (pointer)* 
Sponsor will be honored with adorning the Yad
by Steve Cohen in memory of his parents David & Adele Cohen OBM
 $36 Word  $3,600 Atzei Chaim (Wooden Torah Rollers)* 
Sponsor will be honored with the 1st Hagbah - lifting of the Torah
 $72 Verse $5,000 Breast Plate* 
Sponsor will be honored with adorning the breast plate
 $180 Aliya  $10,000 Crown* 
Sponsor will be honored to be the 1st to crown the Torah

 $360 Parsha*  
       (Torah Portion)

Optional: Dedicate your Bar mitzvah Parsha or anniversary Parsha.  Need assistance with this? Contact the Rabbi at 407-878-3011

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 $1,800 Special Selection*  

Reserved Selections
Blessing of the land of Israel -  Reserved by Mike & Joy Stricker in honor of their children.

"KO YIHIYE ZARACHA" G‑d's blessing for children to Abraham -
Reserved by Nathalie Shoer

"YESIMCHA ELOKIM" Jacob's Blessing to Children -  Dedicated by the Taoz family

"PRIESTLY BLESSINGS"  Dedicated by Kurt & Brandie Wagner and children in honor of our daughter and sister Samantha - our light to a dedicated Jewish life.

 $3,600 One Complete Book*

Reserved Books
Bereishit - by Farzin & Azita Yashar in honor of the physical and spiritual health of their children
 * Any sponsor to dedicate $360 or more will be given the opportunity to assist the scribe in writing in one letter in the Torah at the initiation ceremony.
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Reserved Parshas
Bereishit - by Leslie Jampolsky in honor of her children 
Noach - by Stephanie Yosefian/Powers
Lech Lecha - by David brent in honor of his wife and his parents
Vayeira - by Alex & Emi Barth in memory of George Barth
Chayei Sara - by Dr. Bruce and Debra Hoffen in honor of Sara & Frances Hoffen
Toldos- by Shlomo & Channy Krudo in honor of Victoria & Elizabeth Krudo. May they enjoy health and Nachas always. 
Vayeitzei - by Joseph Yashar in honor of Joseph ben Natanel
Vayishlach - by Brad & Roberta Satill
Vayeshev - by Dr. David & Maria Bajayo in honor of their son Alex Bajayo
Mikeitz - by Rami Yosefian in honor of his father Yaakov Yosefian
Vayigash- b
y Glen & Diana Weiner in honor of Brooke, Edward
Vayechi - By Zvi & Efrat Gam  

Shmot - by Brad & Roberta Satill in honor of Jayden
V'eira - by Roy & Aviya Gavra in honor of Daniel Gavra
Bo - by Alex & Netalya Khromov in honor of their anniversary
Bshalach - by Dr. David & Maria Bajayo in honor of their daughter Becky
Yitro - by Stephanie Yosefian/Powers in memory of James Powers
Mishpatim- by Jay & Wanda Stanek
Teruma - by Akiva Anderson
Tetzaveh- by Angie Secrest in memory of her mother and in honor of her children and grandchildren 
Ki Tisa-  by Fred & Beth-Ann Schulman
Vayakhel- by Rich Taller in honor of Samuel and Carol Taller
Pekudei - by Brad & Roberta Satill in honor of Talia

Vayikra- by Nisim & Ester Heletz in honor of Moshe Heletz and Tami Heletz 
Tzav - by Faraz Yashar in honor of Farzin, Azita, Ariella and Aviel Yashar
Shmini - by Staci Enouti in honor of her children
Tazria - by Shlomo & Anne Krudo
Metzora - by Len & Pam Mandell

Acharei Mot - by Sandi Solomon
Kedoshim - in honor Michael and Riva Heletz 
Behar - By Patricia Jarosz in honor of her father Ben Jarosz
Bechukotai - by Alan & Carol Cohen

Bamidbar - by Rick & Donna Gardner 
Naso-  by Dr. Moshe & Sharon Fraifeld in memory of Abraham Fraifeld Z"L
Shlach - by Michael & Adrienne Raskin in honor of their grandchildren
Korach - David & Stephanie Shames
Pinchas - by Alex & Emi Barth in honor of their family
Chukat - by Cyntia Otazu
Matot- by Henry & Rosa Dreifus
Masei - by Bob & Judith Hara

Devarim -  in memory of  Moshe and Hava Sepiashvili Z"L
Ekev - by David & Harriett Moldau

Re'eh- Tony & Pam Ruben in honor of: Endre Ruben (father), Jennifer Ruben (daughter) and Andrew Ruben (son)
Shoftim - by Marshal & Elsa Lopea
Ki Tetzei- by Dr. Izak and Laurie Kielmovitch in  honor of our daughters, Valerie and Alicia
V'etchanan - by Karin Roth 
Ki Tavo - by Lloyd & Claudia Green in memory of Lloyd's father Mervyn
Nitzavim & Vayelech - by Shay Taoz in honor of Rina Natan

V'zot Habracha - by the Mairzadeh Family